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Character is like a tree, and a reputation like a shadow.
The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.
Abraham Lincoln
The Trense Group specializes in placing highly credentialed associate, partner, and in-house counsel candidates. Our clients consist of the most selective law firms and corporations in the United States. We are in our second decade of serving as a trusted advisor and matchmaker to demanding clients and discerning candidates. While the legal landscape has changed through the years, the things that make us exceptional in our success have not. We listen. We advise. We deliver. Whether you are a prospective client, candidate or team member, the Trense Group will assist you in making a more fully informed decision. Time spent working with the Trense Group will be time well spent. We value your choice in selecting which attorney search firm to partner with in achieving your goals. Likewise, we welcome the opportunity to share the reasons why you should choose the Trense Group for your next search. At the Trense Group, YOU are our priority.


Client Benefits
Candidate Benefits
Team Member Benefits
  • Understands the needs and business of its clients from the perspective that only a fellow member of the bar can have
  • Meets its clients’ needs in a highly personalized, responsive way
  • Embraces an objective, consultative approach to doing business
  • Delivers a well-written assessment of each candidate in a succinct yet comprehensive format designed to address the issues that matter most to prospective employers
  • Saves clients’ valuable time by narrowing the focus of the search to only those attorney candidates that meet the clients’ needs as opposed to a misplaced focus centered on submitting attorney candidates that satisfy the search firm’s needs
  • Responds to client inquiries and requests on a timely basis
  • Delivers a refreshingly different, yet compelling, client driven approach best characterized by under selling and over delivering
  • Enjoys a proven track record of consistently delivering results for law firm and in-house clients that spans two decades
  • Invests the time necessary to listen to and truly know its candidates, and promotes only those opportunities that make sense for them
  • Offers a highly personalized and responsive approach to serving candidates’ needs
  • Strives to add value by assisting candidates in making a more fully informed decision
  • Packages candidates in a meaningfully different way that anticipates the needs of the hiring authority and distinguishes Trense candidates from other candidates
  • Possesses a track record of consistently delivering results for law firm and in-house candidates that spans two decades
  • Utilizes a highly personalized, industry leading, mentor/mentee approach to training
  • Offers a highly unique business model honed from over a decade of consistent industry success
  • Affords legal recruiters the opportunity to work in a virtual office environment from a convenient location of their choice
  • Provides a generous compensation structure which attracts self-starters who are drawn to a performance based compensation system
  • Promotes the entrepreneurial spirit without abandoning the safeguards that stem from affiliating with an established, highly reputable boutique search firm
  • Boasts a proven track record of consistently delivering results for Trense stakeholders that spans two decades of diverse economic climates