Most of the partners whom we place control a substantial book of business, typically in excess of $1 million. As a consequence, their highest and best use is practicing law not searching for an ideal fit. While these partners are managing their business, we advise them on their career options and how to maximize their market value by effectively packaging themselves and negotiating better offers.

The Trense Group has perfected the process of packaging a partner candidate in a way that will maximize the likelihood that the most selective and desirable firms will be take notice and be interested. We understand what our clients want in addition to how their hiring process works. As a consequence, we are able to consistently prepare our partner candidates in a way that will streamline what might otherwise be a disjointed and time-consuming process.

Because we have conducted a number of successful partner placements, we are well versed in advising you on your market value and what you can do to further maximize it. Effective legal search firms add value to their partner candidates by situating them to negotiate from a position of strength. Often, this involves making sure that they have more than one offer or leveraging off of the success of an initial offer to further their chances of obtaining additional, competitive offers. Recruiters can make statements or take positions that candidates may or may not be comfortable expressing because the candidate runs the risk of burning a bridge with those with whom he or she will be working with for many years to come. Because our experience spans three decades, we are uniquely positioned to advise partner candidates on what to avoid in addition to what to expect. After all, the rewards and risks of partnership at one firm may differ greatly from the rewards and risks of partnership at another, seemingly similar firm.

Please see our Candidate Guidelines on Working with Legal Recruiters.