Much of the Trense Group’s in-house placement business stems from referrals from its satisfied law firm clients. Corporate clients, large and small, do not always need the services of a legal search firm to attract interest, in the form of resume submissions, in their company. Rather, they need a knowledgeable, experienced legal search firm to serve as a buffer or gatekeeper between the hiring authority and the hundreds of candidates who think that they are the perfect fit for the position. The reality is, that of the hundreds of attorney candidates who will likely express an interest, only a handful or even none are truly desirable hires. Experienced recruiters know that the most desirable candidates are often those who are not actively in the market for a new job. The most desirable candidates don’t respond to online, print, or other types of passive advertising. Instead, they must be targeted and approached directly, which is what the Trense Group does best.

The Trense Group offers retained and contingency search services to its non-law firm clients for the following types of positions:


General Counsel

The Trense Group has placed attorneys in the position of General Counsel with companies of various sizes - from closely held companies to large, publicly traded corporations. The Trense Group successfully placed the General Counsel of a large publicly traded client where knowledge of securities laws and Sarbanes-Oxley was essential. In addition to some of the largest companies in the world, we frequently work on behalf of smaller to mid-sized companies who are looking to make their first in-house counsel hire or have rather modest sized and/or budgeted legal departments.

Associate or Assistant General Counsel

The Trense Group has placed in-house attorneys on behalf of public and private company legal departments in the banking, finance, insurance, real estate, energy, telecommunications, packaging, and high technology industries. In some instances, we sourced our candidates from law firms. In other instances, our clients expressed a preference in hiring someone from another corporation in the same or a related industry.

At the Trense Group, we don’t believe in wasting our clients’ time. We recognize that you can merely post an ad if your objective is to generate large quantities of resumes. In fact, if you can fill the position by simply posting an ad on-line or in the appropriate trade journal, you probably don’t require the services of a search firm. We specialize in quality, not quantity. For this reason, we carefully screen the candidates that we submit. If they are not appropriate for the position, we will not submit them. Our job is to make your job easier. We cannot accomplish that by papering you with resumes of candidates who are not befitting of the position that you are seeking to fill.

Please see the Client Guidelines on Working with Legal Recruiters.