The Trense Group is committed to deliberate growth and sensible expansion. The decision to grow and the pace of growth will be determined by the size of the legal market and the caliber of potential team leaders in that market. Like our clients, we are very discerning regarding whom we hire and where we expand. The fact that we do not have a physical location in your area does not preclude us from sourcing attorneys from or placing them in that market.

In fact, the Trense Group has placed attorneys throughout the nation in locations as far apart and as diverse as Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. including locations in between such as Denver. Our flexible business model affords us the latitude to respond to the needs of outstanding clients and candidates wherever they are or want to be.

In general, we anticipate adding locations at the rate of one to two major market cities per year over the next five years provided the right people are available to join our team in locations that make sense. For location specific information, please visit the specific city page that is of interest to you.