The genesis for the Trense Group of attorney placement professionals dates back to 1996. At that time, Chuck Trense, a junior transactional associate attorney practicing law in Atlanta, joined the Atlanta office of a national legal staffing company as its Director of Legal Recruiting. It didn’t take long for Trense to recognize the need for a new level of responsiveness and professionalism in the attorney recruiting and placement field. In the spring of 1997, he established Trense & Associates, Inc.

Since its inception, Trense has successfully conducted numerous and varied attorney searches. The Trense Group has placed all types of attorneys - from intellectual property to regulatory and from transactional to litigation. Trense has placed attorneys (law firm and in-house) with backgrounds or specialties in the following areas: intellectual property (prosecution and litigation), environmental, energy, bankruptcy, corporate securities, mergers & acquisitions, project finance, aircraft finance, commercial real estate, commercial lending, corporate tax, trusts & estates, labor & employment, ERISA, securities litigation, anti-trust litigation, insurance defense litigation, and domestic.

Some of Trense’s higher profile searches have included the placement of the General Counsel of a prominent, publicly traded company; the placement of a practice group with the de novo office of one of the largest law firms in the world; numerous in-house placements; and numerous partner placements.

Trense continues to invest in the foundation of his business - the placement of highly credentialed lateral associates with selective law firms. It is particularly gratifying for Trense to see many of his early associate placements becoming partners in positions of leadership in their respective firms.



Emboldened and enthused by the blessings of eleven years of personal and professional success, Trense set out to expand outside his base market while attracting others to his unique approach to doing business as a boutique placement firm. In 2009, he launched the Trense Group. The Trense Group is a legal placement enterprise consisting of attorneys personally trained and mentored by Trense to conduct their business, in much the same way that Trense has, as independently operated, yet affiliated, boutique search firms. These boutique offices are strategically located throughout the United States. While Trense & Associates, Inc. maintains an ownership interest in the various affiliated offices of the Trense Group, each office is locally owned and managed by attorneys who are personally mentored and trained by Trense.

This structure translates to a win-win-win arrangement for clients, candidates, and affiliate recruiters. It lacks the burdensome overhead and bureaucracy that often saps the creativity and motivation of mere employees. Clients and candidates continue to deal directly with decision-makers who are also owners in the business.

Trense made the decision that it was time for his boutique firm to launch and spawn similar boutique firms in strategic legal markets throughout the United States. Trense provides oversight but the local owner/operator is the manager of the day-to-day affairs of that office. Trense has chosen to eschew the more traditional employer-employee or franchisor-franchisee model in favor of a model that preserves the aspects that made his boutique so successful when competing against larger legal search firms who are wed to a more traditional and less progressive business model. The ultimate goal is for these offices to operate independently and autonomously from one another yet cooperatively and collaboratively with one another. The value lies in the streamlined decision-making of the local owner/operator coupled with the reach and scope of a national platform.